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   1.   Interpretation.

   2.   Hotel to be open to all travellers.

   3.   Limitation of liability of hotelkeepers.

   4.   Copy of Act to be displayed.

   5.   Hotelkeeper's lien.

   6.   Establishment of Hotels Board.

   7.   Board not liable for acts done in good faith.

   8.   Hotels to be licensed.

   9.   Qualification for a licence.

   10.   Notice to remedy defects; cancellation of licences.

   11.   Particulars of complaint to be supplied.

   12.   Appeals.

   13.   Regulations.

   14.   Power of entry.

   15.   Offences and penalties.

   16.   Liability of hotelkeepers for acts of agents, etc.



Commencement: 1 October, 1953.

   An Act to consolidate the law relating to hotels.


1.   Interpretation.

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

   (a)   "authorised person" means any person authorised in writing by the board to carry out any function or to perform any duty of the board under this Act or under any regulations made under it;

   (b)   "board" means the Hotels Board established under section 6;

   (c)   "hotel" means a house intended for the accommodation of travellers or visitors for payment.


2.   Hotel to be open to all travellers.

   (1) A hotelkeeper shall receive and lodge in his or her hotel all comers who are travellers and shall entertain them at reasonable prices without any special or previous contract, unless he or she has reasonable ground to refuse such a person accommodation.

   (2) A hotelkeeper shall make reasonable provision for the reception of a traveller's luggage.

   (3) Notwithstanding the other provisions of this section, a hotelkeeper may demand reasonable payment in advance for any accommodation desired by a traveller.

   (4) Any person who contravenes any of the provisions of this section commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding 2,000 shillings.


3.   Limitation of liability of hotelkeepers.

   (1) Subject to section 4, no hotelkeeper shall be liable to make good to any guest of the hotelkeeper any loss of or injury to goods or property brought to his or her hotel to a greater amount than the sum of 1,000 shillings, except in the following cases—

   (a)   where the goods or property have been stolen, lost or injured through the wilful act, default or neglect of the hotelkeeper or any servant in his or her employ; or

   (b)   where the goods or property have been deposited expressly for safe custody with the hotelkeeper; but in the case of such deposit, the hotelkeeper may, if he or she thinks fit, require as a condition of his or her liability that the goods or property shall be deposited in a box or other receptacle fastened or sealed by the person depositing the goods or property.

   (2) If any hotelkeeper refuses to receive for safe custody, as

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