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   1.   Interpretation.

   2.   Enforcement in Uganda of maintenance orders made in England and Ireland.

   3.   Transmission of maintenance orders made in Uganda.

   4.   Power to make provisional orders of maintenance against persons resident in England or Ireland.

   5.   Power of court to confirm maintenance order made in England or Ireland.

   6.   Mode of enforcing orders.

   7.   Depositions to be evidence.

   8.   Provisions of Act may be extended to orders made in other Commonwealth countries.


Commencement: 30 June, 1921.

   An Act to facilitate the enforcement in Uganda of maintenance orders made in England and Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth and the Republic of Ireland.

1.   Interpretation.

   In this Act—

   (a)   "certified copy" in relation to an order of a court means a copy of the order certified by the proper officer of the court to be a true copy;

   (b)   "dependents" means such persons as that person is, according to the law in force in that country in which the maintenance order was made, liable to maintain;

   (c)   "maintenance order" means an order, other than an order of affiliation, for the periodical payment of sums of money toward the maintenance of the wife or other dependents of the person against whom the order is made, and includes an order or decree for the recovery or repayment of the cost of relief or maintenance made in Ireland by virtue of the provisions of the Poor Relief (Ireland) Acts, 1838 to 1914;

   (d)   "prescribed" means prescribed by rules of court.

2.   Enforcement in Uganda of maintenance orders made in England and Ireland.

   (1) Where a maintenance order has been made against any person by any court in England, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland and a certified copy of the order has been transmitted by a Secretary of State to the Minister, the Minister shall send a copy of the order to the prescribed officer of a court in Uganda for registration; and on receipt of the copy the order shall be registered in the prescribed manner, and shall, from the date of such registration, be of the same force and effect, and, subject to the provisions

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