Principal Legislation
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   1.   Establishment and control of markets.

   2.   Rules and byelaws.

   3.   Offences and penalties.

   4.   Saving.

   5.   Maintenance and control of markets established prior to 23rd"> March, 1950.

      Schedule   Designated urban areas.


Commencement: 30 September, 1942.

   An Act to provide for the establishment and management of markets.

1.   Establishment and control of markets.

   (1) No person or authority other than—

   (a)   the administration of a district;

   (b)   a municipal council;

   (c)   a town council,

shall establish or maintain a market.

   (2) The administration of a district may establish and maintain markets within the area of its jurisdiction and shall control and manage such markets or shall vest their control and management in such person or authority as it may deem fit; except that in the urban areas mentioned in the Schedule to this Act, markets shall be established, maintained, controlled and managed by the municipal council or town council, as the case may be, established in the area.

   (3) Any authority specified in subsection (1) may in its discretion disestablish any market established by it.

   (4) The person or body managing or controlling a market shall be known as the market authority.

   (5) The Minister may, if he or she considers it expedient so to do, by statutory instrument vary the Schedule to this Act by adding or removing the name of any urban area.

2.   Rules and byelaws.

   (1) The Minister may make rules which shall apply to markets generally or any specified markets for any of the following purposes—

   (a)   regulating the use of markets and market buildings, and keeping orde

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