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   1.   Interpretation.

   2.   Power to seize, detain or destroy stray dogs.

   3.   Dogs seized to be impounded, and notice given.

   4.   Order on owner.

   5.   Duties of owners and persons in charge of diseased or suspected dogs.

   6.   Powers in respect of diseased or suspected dogs.

   7.   Power of commissioner to issue orders in case of an outbreak or expected outbreak of disease.

   8.   Power of commissioner to authorise the laying of poison.

   9.   Prohibition of entry of animals from infected countries.

   10.   Indemnity and compensation.

   11.   Rules.


Commencement: 29 June, 1935.

   An Act to provide for the suppression of rabies.

1.   Interpretation.

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

   (a)   "disease" means rabies and "diseased" means infected with rabies;

   (b)   "dog" includes any animal of the canine tribe;

   (c)   "proclaimed district" means any area to which this Act may, by statutory order, be applied by the Minister;

   (d)   "stray dog" means any dog found wandering at large in any public place and not being under the control or charge of any person;

   (e)   "suspected" means suspected of rabies.

2.   Power to seize, detain or destroy stray dogs.

   (1) An administrative officer, veterinary officer, police officer or any person authorised by the commissioner of livestock and entomology may seize and detain any stra

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