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   1.   Interpretation.

   2.   Establishment of trust.

   3.   Establishment and constitution of board.

   4.   Chairperson of board.

   5.   Proceedings of board.

   6.   Accounts.

   7.   Powers of board.

   8.   Vesting of the fund in board.

   9.   Application of trust property.

   10.   Appointment of committee.

   11.   Powers and duties of committee.

   12.   Meetings of contributors.

   13.   Protection from personal liability of members of board, etc.

   14.   Subscriptions or donations.



Commencement: 3 June, 1954.

   An Act to establish a trust to promote the welfare, education, training and employment of the blind and to prevent and alleviate blindness and to incorporate the trustees thereof.


1.   Interpretation.

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

   (a)   "board" means the board of trustees appointed under section 3;

   (b)   "committee" means the executive committee appointed under section 10;

   (c)   "contributor" means any life contributor and any person over the age of 18 years who within 12 months of the relevant date for any purpose has contributed the sum of five shillings or more to the fund;

   (d)   "foundation" means the trust known as the Uganda Foundation for the Blind established under section 2;

   (e)   "fund" means the sums of money raised by public subscription and includes the amount of money contributed by the Government;

   (f)   "life contributor" means any person who, whether before or after the commencement of this Act, has contributed by one payment the sum of not less than 200 shillings to the fund or to the foundation;

   (g)   "society" means the British Empire Society for the Blind, Uganda Branch;

   (h)   "trust property" means all land, buildings, rights, monies, securities, credits, effects, and all other property whatsoever vested in the board or of or to which the board is at any time seized, possessed or entitled, and includes the fund;

   (i)   "year" means the period between two annual general meetings of contributors.


2.   Establishment of trust.

   (1) There is established a trust to be known as the Uganda Foundation for the Blind for the purpose of administering the trust property in such manner as to make provision for the promotion of the welfare, education, training and employment of blind persons (including persons who are totally or partially blind, or who are intermittently deprived of sight or who are threatened with blindness) and for the prevention and alleviation of blindness.

   (2) The trust shall

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