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   1.   Commencement.

   2.   Interpretation.


   3.   Continuation of the Uganda Tourist Board.

   4.   Composition of the Board.

   5.   Tenure of office of members of the Board.

   6.   Objects of the Board.

   7.   Functions of the Board.

   8.   Committees of the Board.

   9.   Procedure at Board meetings.

   10.   Allowances to Board members.

Staff of the Board.

   11.   Chief executive officer and deputy chief executive officer.

   12.   Other staff.


   13.   Tourist accommodation and other designated tourist facilities.

   14.   Travel agents, tour operators and tour guides.

   15.   Application for a licence.

   16.   Cancellation of licence.

   17.   Appeals.


   18.   Supervision, monitoring and coordination of tourism.


   19.   Funds of the Board.

   20.   Tourism development levy.

   21.   Tourism Development Fund.

   22.   Management of the Fund.

   23.   Estimates.

   24.   Accounts.

   25.   Audit.


   26.   Liability of tourist accommodation or facility owner or operator for acts of agents, and others.

   27.   Limitation of liability.

   28.   Tourist accommodation and facility owners and operators lien.

   29.   Common seal of the Board.

   30.   Annual report.

   31.   Minister to submit statement of accounts and annual report to Parliament.

   32.   Guidelines by Board.

   33.   Exemption from liability for acts done in good faith.

   34.   Regulations.

   35.   Power of Minister to amend First Schedule.

   36.   Repeal and savings.


      First Schedule   Currency Point.

      Second Schedule   Procedure of Board at meetings.



   An Act to reform, consolidate and streamline the law relating to tourism; to provide for licensing, regulating and controlling of the tourism sector; to give effect to the implementation of the tourism policy of Government; to reconstitute the Uganda Tourist Board to make it private sector driven; to establish a tourism development levy; to provide for the establishment and management of a tourism development fund; to repeal the Hotels Act, the Tourist Agents (Licensing) Act, and the Uganda Tourist Board Act; and to provide for related matters.

Commencement: See section 1.




1.   Commencement.

   This Act shall come into force on a date appointed by the Minister by statutory instrument; and different dates may be appointed for the commencement of different provisions.


2.   Interpretation.

   In this Act, unless the content otherwise requires—

   "board" means the Uganda Tourism Board continued in existence under section 3;

   "currency point" has the meaning assigned to it in the First Schedule;

   "designated tourist facility" means any service, premises, place or thing which the Minister has declared to be a designated tourist facility;

   "domestic tourism" means residents of Uganda traveling only within Uganda;

   "financial year" means in respect of an accounting period, a period of 12 months ending on 30th"> June of each calendar year;

   "Fund" means the Tourism Development Fund established by section 21;

   "levy" means a levy prescribed in accordance with section 20 and includes any surcharge;

   "licence" means a licence issued in accordance with this Act;

   "licensing" means issuing a licence to operate a designated tourist facility or for carrying on the business of travel agent, tour operator or tour guide under this Act;

   "Minister" means the Minister responsible for tourism;

   "Ministry" means the Ministry responsible for tourism;

   "prescribed" means prescribed by statutory instrument made under this Act or continued in operation by this Act or under standards and guidelines made under this Act;

   "tour guide" means a person registered and licensed to lead tour itineraries of persons;

   "tour operator" means a person licensed to sell or offer for sale, tour packages either directly or through a third party;

   "tourism" means the activity of persons travelling to and staying in paces outside their usual environment for not more than one year mainly for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited;

   "Tourism Development Fund" means the Fund established under section 21;

   "tourism policy" means any policy intended to develop the tourism sector and approved by the Minister;

   "tourist accommodation" means an apartment, guest house, hotel, bungalow or lodge and any other type of tourist accommodation facilities designated by the Minister and providing accommodation to tourists for payment;

   "tourism sector" includes all businesses, enterprises and activities which provide tourist facilities, including any such businesses, enterprises and activities carried on by the State, a statutory body or a local government;

   "travel agent" means a business licensed to conduct the business of a travel agency.




3.   Continuation of the Uganda Tourist Board.

   (1) The Uganda Tourist Board existing immediately before the coming into force of this Act under the Uganda Tourist Board Act shall continue in existence subject to this Act.

   (2) The Board continued under subsection (1) shall be known as the Uganda Tourism Board.

   (3) The Board shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and may—

   (a)   acquire, hold and dispose of moveable and immoveable property;

   (b)   sue and be sued in its corporate name;

   (c)   do all other things as a body corporate may lawfully do.


4.   Composition of the Board.

   (1) The Board shall consist of the following members—

   (a)   a senior official of the Ministry appointed by the Minister;

   (b)   a representative of the Ministry responsible for finance;

   (c)   a representative of the Civil Aviation Authority;

   (d)   a representative of the Uganda Wildlife Authority;

   (e)   the chief executive officer, who shall be an ex officio member;

   (f)   a representative of the National Planning Authority;

   (g)   five other members with professional experience in tourism and who possess qualities likely to be beneficial to the Board, of whom at least—

      (i)   one person shall be appointed from a list of three names submitted by tour operators to be representative of their interests;

      (ii)   one person shall be appointed from a list of three names submitted by the accommodation owners, hoteliers and providers of catering services to be a representative of their interests;

      (iii)   one person shall be appointed from a list of three names submitted by an organisation recognised as being representative of the tourism sector; and

      (iv)   one person shall be appointed from a list of three names submitted by an organisation representative of the private aviation sector.

   (2) The chief executive officer shall act as secretary to the Board and shall perform such functions in relation to the Board as the Board may direct.

   (3) The Minister shall appoint a chairperson from among the members of the Board.

   (4) The Minister shall appoint the members of the Board, on such terms and conditions as shall be specified in the instruments of appointment.

   (5) In making the appointments to the Board the Minister may take into consideration gender equity.

   (6) The members of the Board shall elect one person from among their number who shall be the vice-chairperson of the Board.


5.   Tenure of office of members of the Board.

   (1) The members of the Board shall hold office for a period of three years and shall be eligible for reappointment for one more term.

   (2) A membe

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