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   1.   Interpretation.

   2.   Obligation to register.

   3.   Application for registration.

   4.   Classes of vessels.

   5.   Registration.

   6.   Certificate of registry.

   7.   Annual examination of certificate.

   8.   Change of ownership or master.

   9.   Certificate to be kept on board.

   10.   No change in name after registration.

   11.   Lettering and numbering.

   12.   Position and dimensions of letters and number.

   13.   Ships' boats to be lettered and numbered.

   14.   Name on stern.

   15.   Letters, etc. not to be effaced.

   16.   Penalty for nonregistration, etc.

   17.   Names, etc. to be inserted in documents.

   18.   Certificates.

   19.   Papers to be produced.

   20.   Execution of the requirements of the Act.

   21.   Effect of registry.

   22.   Rules and orders.


      Schedule   Forms.



Commencement: 15 August, 1904.

   An Act relating to the registration of vessels.


1.   Interpretation.

   In this Act—

   (a)   "master" includes every person, except a pilot, having command or charge of any vessel;

   (b)   "prescribed" means prescribed by any rule or order under this Act;

   (c)   "vessel" means any description of vessel used in navigation.


2.   Obligation to register.

   Every vessel employed in navigation in any waters of Uganda which belongs to, or is used by, any person residing in Uganda, or any company or partnership carrying on business in Uganda, shall, unless exempted, be registered, lettered and numbered in the manner provided in this Act.


3.   Application for registration.

   Every application for the registration of a vessel shall be in writing and in Form A of the Schedule to this Act, or to that effect, and shall be sent or delivered to the prescribed officer.


4.   Classes of vessels.

   (1) For the purposes of registration, numbering and lettering, vessels shall be divided into three classes—

   (a)   first class: vessels of 15 tons burden and upwards;

   (b)   second class: vessels of less than 15 tons burden, navigated otherwise than by oars, paddles or poles only;

   (c)   third class: boats navigable by oars, paddles or poles only.

   (2) The officer to whom the application to register is made may, if he or she thinks proper, place any small vessel occasionally navigated or propelled by sail in the third instead of the second class.


5.   Registration.

   On receipt of the application and of the prescribed fee, the prescribed officer shall, after inspecting the vessel, register it in the register of vessels, which shall be in Form B of the Schedule to this Act, or to that effect, and shall contain the particulars appearing in that form.


6.   Certificate of reg

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